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Nb Fly 2016 Matricule Modèle Fabricant / Manufacture Opérateur / Operator Pays / Country
1 OK N-560VL A60R 05 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner METLIFE  Snoopy 1 USA
2 OK VH-JVW A60+ 10 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner Appliances Australia
3 OK N-614LG A60R 14 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner METLIFE  Alico Japan
4 OK N-618LG A60R 18 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner METLIFE Snoopy 2 USA
  OK N-????? A60+?? American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner Hendrick's Gin USA
5 OK N-151AB A170-101 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner Direct TV USA
6 OK MZ-3A A170-xx American Blimp Corp/Wagner Us-Navy  USA
7 OK D-LZFN NT07-100 02 ZEPPELIN NT DZR Germany
8   D-LZZF NT07-100-03 ZEPPELIN NT DZR Germany
9 OK N-1A NT07-101 01 ZEPPELIN NT GOODYEAR "Wingfoot-1" USA
12 OK RA-2015G AU30 03 ROSAEROSYSTEMS Test flight Russia
13   B-9006 CA-80 VANTAGE AIRSHIP Advertising China
14   B-9007 CA-80 VANTAGE AIRSHIP Advertising China
15   D-LDFR WDL-1b WDL Spring and Summer Germany
16   F-JSHP  AN-400 ANSE Test & Opérations France
17   N-??????? A40E AEROS Test & Opérations USA
    N-601SK SKS600 1215/01 Airship Ind /Skyship Services Inc ................. USA
    N-605SK SKS600 1215/05 Airship Ind /Skyship Services Inc ................. USA
    N-606SA SKS600BL 1215/06 Airship Ind /Skyship Services Inc ................. USA
N-602SK SKS600B 1215/07 Airship Ind /Skyship Services Inc ................. USA
N-610SK SKS600B 1215/10 Airship Ind /Skyship Services Inc ................. USA
N-2012P A60+ 01 Icarus Aircraft Inc ................. USA
    N-406LG A60+ 04 American Blimp Corp /Van Wagner ................. USA
    N-660LG A60+ 06 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
N-760AB A60+ 07 Icarus Aircraft Inc ................. USA
    N-612LG A60+ 12 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
N-615LG A60R-15 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
    N-116VW A60+16 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
    N-607LG A60+17 Icarus Aircraft Inc ................. USA
    N-620LG A60R 20 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
    N-152VW A150-102 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
N-154ZP A170-104 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
    N-105VW A170-105 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
    N-156LG A170-106 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
    N-157LG A170-107 American Blimp Corp/Van Wagner ................. USA
    RA-01944 AU30 01 ROSAEROSYSTEMS Advertising Russia
    N-6542B POLAR-400 BLACKWATER Test flight USA
    B-636L HJ-2000 HUAJIAO AIRSHIP Advertising China
    N-8041X SPAS70 TECHSPHERE Test flight USA
    03-VS V900 VOLIRIS New gondola France
    N-791LM P791 LOCKHEED MARTIN Test flight USA
    W92NC SkyBike Hervé KUHLMANN Test flight France
    W77BBF Nephelios Sol'R Test flight France
    B-9004 HJ-2000A HUAJIAO AIRSHIP Advertising China

  Juin 2016                          June 2016
  mai 2016                          May 2016
Guy Martin prepares for his latest stunt - pedalling across the Channel on a giant AIRSHIP
26 May 2016.

TV star Guy Martin dangles from an airship he intends to pedal across the Channel.

The motorcycle racer and mechanic, 34, was spotted in Hythe, Kent, while filming an episode of the new series of his Channel 4 show Speed With Guy Martin. A crowd gathered on the seafront to watch his initial attempts at getting the blimp off the ground.


Win a ride on the Flying Cucumber blimp on June 2

25 May 2016.

Enjoy cocktails in the sky aboard Hendrick's Flying Cucumber!
Miami.com has partnered up with the Scottish gin for an exclusive give away guaranteed to lift your spirits (pun intended). One lucky winner and a guest will be invited to enjoy cocktails before taking to the skies aboard a giant blimp for a 30-minute sightseeing flight.




Ever wondered what it'd be like to ride a Flying Cucumber? Miami.com has partnered up with Hendrick's Gin to give one lucky winner and a guest the chance to find out.

  Owner of blimp that landed in Fishtown: ‘Pilot did a really good job’
25 may 2016.

Meeresforscher setzen erstmals Zeppelin ein

Im Juni wird ein Zeppelin über der Ostsee schweben. Darin: ein Haufen Messgeräte und Kameras und einige Wissenschaftler. Sie machen Jagd auf Meereswirbel.

Ab dem 18. Juni wird der Zeppelin in Peenemünde auf Usedom abheben. Sein Ziel: das südliche Bornholm-Becken mit Wassertiefen von 50 bis 70 Metern. Seine Mission: die Fahndung nach Meereswirbeln in der Ostsee, vergleichsweise kleine und instabile Mini-Tornados im Wasser.


Des maisons venues du ciel pour les autochtones
11 Mai 2016.

(Ottawa) Une entreprise de la région de Montréal propose une méthode révolutionnaire pour s'attaquer à la grave crise du logement qui frappe les peuples autochtones dans le nord du pays : transporter des maisons préfabriquées dans des usines du Québec ou ailleurs dans les communautés éloignées à l'aide d'un dirigeable cargo.


  Avril 2016                          April 2016
  Thales-Finmeccanica JV-Led Team Gets French Govt Support on Stratobus Airship Development Project
27 April 2016

A team led by a joint venture of Thales Group and Finmeccanica has received approximately $19.2 million in funds from the French government to conduct research and development work over two years on an autonomous airship.

Thales Alenia Space will collaborate with French companies CNIM, Solutions F, Airstar Aerospace and Tronico-Alcen on the structure, electric propulsion system and other components of the Stratobus airship project under the contracts signed with investment bank Bpifrance, Thales said Tuesday.



  Solar Ship, un avion-cargo solaire aux formes d’un dirigeable 
16 avril 2016.
Son design est atypique, mais son attrait est important. Solar Ship aurait des compétences susceptibles d’attirer le regard, notamment celui des associations comme Médecins sans frontières. En parallèle, Solar Impulse 2 a eu l’autorisation de décoller.Un avion-cargo aux formes d’un dirigeable transportant 10 tonnes de fret
  Let’s Fly Away: Meet a different kind of pilot, April 21 at ‘Great Conversations’   
11 april 2016.

Terry Dillard would find it hard to start a union for people who do his job.

After all, how many folks do you know who drive a blimp? It is a profession as rare as the number of blimps.

Dillard is chief captain of the MetLife blimp Snoopy One, with nearly a quarter century’s experience flying dirigibles all around the country. In fact, he is traveling up to 90 percent of the time.

  Europa Park : voyage dans les airs en Zeppelin, à prix d'or
11 avril 2016.
Jusqu'au 24 avril, Europa Park propose des voyages inédits en ballon, au-dessus du parc mais aussi à destination de Strasbourg ou de Fribourg. Mais un voyage de rêve dans les airs n'est pas à la portée de tous. 
  Zeppelin wirbt für Europapark - Mäuse-Pärchen schwebt am Himmel


£330m deal to bring futuristic airships to Wolverhampton
3 April 2016.
A company based on Wolverhampton Business Airport has signed a £330 million deal to become the first to operate a new generation of airships.
Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/business/2016/04/03/330m-deal-to-bring-futuristic-airships-to-wolverhampton/#upgTDyPsq8lp9kP3.99
A company based on Wolverhampton Business Airport has signed a £330 million deal to become the first to operate a new generation of airships.
Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/business/2016/04/03/330m-deal-to-bring-futuristic-airships-to-wolverhampton/#upgTDyPsq8lp9kP3.99
A company based on Wolverhampton Business Airport has signed a £330 million deal to become the first to operate a new generation of airships.
Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/business/2016/04/03/330m-deal-to-bring-futuristic-airships-to-wolverhampton/#upgTDyPsq8lp9kP3.99
A company based on Wolverhampton Business Airport has signed a £330 million deal to become the first to operate a new generation of airships.
Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/business/2016/04/03/330m-deal-to-bring-futuristic-airships-to-wolverhampton/#upgTDyPsq8lp9kP3.99
A company based on Wolverhampton Business Airport has signed a £330 million deal to become the first to operate a new generation of airships.
Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/business/2016/04/03/330m-deal-to-bring-futuristic-airships-to-wolverhampton/#upgTDyPsq8lp9kP3.99

Straightline Aviation (SLA) has become the first customer to order a dozen hybrid airships from US aviation giant Lockheed Martin.

SLA, based at offices on the airport, at Bobbington, revealed in March its plans to start operating a fleet of airships by 2018.

It has now signed a letter of intent to buy 12 airships and is working with Hybrid Enterprises, Lockheed Martin's hybrid airship reseller, to finalise the purchase agreement.

Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/business/2016/04/03/330m-deal-to-bring-futuristic-airships-to-wolverhampton/#upgTDyPsq8lp9kP3.99


Mars 2016                          March 2016

Flugfreigabe: Zeppelin-Reederei startet in die neue Luftschiff-Saison    18 March 2016

Die Zeppeline schweben wieder über dem Bodensee: Am Samstag, 19. März, ist offizieller Saisonauftakt der Reederei. Neben einer Zusammenarbeit mit dem Europa Park in Rust wird die Reederei auch an einem Forschungsprojekt beteiligt sein.


  Goodyear’s newest airship holds first flight       12 March 2016

After months of blimp-free skies, there’s a new Goodyear airship flying over the Akron area.  Goodyear’s second NT, or New Technology, airship – not yet named – took its first flight Saturday afternoon at the company’s Wingfoot Lake blimp base in Suffield Township.


Lockheed Martin joins race to make long-haul airships      9 March 2016

Craig Johnston, director of business strategy and development, and Bob Boyd, program manager, give a tour of the Lockheed Martin P-791 Hybrid Airship prototype on March 09, 2016, at the company's Skunk Works facility in Palmdale. The prototype is one-third scale of a 21-metric-ton airship that will soon be available for customer orders.


  Ride of a lifetime in Snoopy One       5 March 2016
Pilot Terry Dillard takes the blimp to Trump National Doral on Friday
  Airplane vs. Zeppelin in 1917     3 March 2016


  Février 2016                       February 2016
  Helium Dreams    29 February 2016

Igor Pasternak started thinking about airships when he was twelve. Back then, in the nineteen-seventies, he loved rockets. One night, he was curled up in the soft green chair that doubled as his bed, in the two-room apartment where he lived with his parents, his little sister, and his grandmother, in the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine. He was reading a magazine aimed at young inventors, and he came across an article about blimps. He saw old photographs of imposing wartime zeppelins and read about another kind of airship, which had never made it off the drawing board: an airship that carried not passengers but cargo. It would be able to haul hundreds of tons of mining equipment to remote regions in Siberia in one go, the article said—no roads, runways, or infrastructure needed. Just lift, soar, and drop



3rd FAI European Hot Air Airship Championship   


Swiss pilot Jacques-Antoine Besnard wins the 3rd FAI European Hot Air Airship Championship in Rottach-Egern (GER) before the two Germans Andreas Merk and Ralph Kremer. The European Championship took place from 24 - 29 February 2016 in the beautiful Tegernseer Valley in Bavaria, Germany.

1 Besnard Jacques-Antoine SUI 6875
2 Merk Andreas GER 6825
3 Kremer Ralph GER 6670
4 Pohl Andreas GER 5420
5 Bamberski Wojtek POL 5225
6 Kostiuskevicius Rimas LTU 4780
7 Deppe Woflgang GER 4030
8 Witt Pia Marie GER 2900
9 Nigrowsky Boris FRA 1500
- Lindström Oscar SWE no Launch



  Der Zeppelin soll Münchner werden        25 February 2016

Am Flugplatz Oberschleißheim knapp nördlich von München sind normalerweise kleine Propellermaschinen zu sehen. Ein 75 Meter langes Luftschiff ist eher ungewöhnlich. Aber zumindest während zwei Wochen gehen hier seit Jahren Gäste mit dem Zeppelin zu Rundflügen in die Luft.

Hat der Zeppelin NT, das NT steht für Neue Technologie, seine Reiseflughöhe von mindestens 300 Meter über Grund erreicht, sieht der Passagier je nach Blickrichtung die Fußballarena des FC Bayern, den Anflugverkehr auf den Flughafen München oder die bayerische Metropole. Bisher findet dieses Szenario immer nur an 14 Tagen im April während der Industrie-Messe Bauma statt.


  Airships Market – Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2014 – 2020      23 February 2016

The Airships Market is mainly driven by the low operational cost and high competitive advantages of airship systems.  Rising need for persistent intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance in which airships are widely used, helps to drive this market. In addition, growing demand of airships for rapid communication and climatic research is expected boost the demand of the airship market. However, operational risk and availability of alternatives such as aerostat systems are expected to hamper growth of airships industry.

The global airships market is segmented on the basis of method of construction, by class, payload, application and region. Based on different methods of construction of airships, market is segmented as rigid, semi-rigid and non-rigid airships. Small, medium and large class airships are the class segment of airships market. The airships market can also be categorized on the basis of different payload, such as electro-optics, communication intelligence, thermal imaging camera, electronic intelligence, surveillance radar and an inertial navigation system.


  Historic hangar gets recognition    21 February 2016

A mammoth structure that once overlooked the southern tip of San Francisco Bay is Fort Sill's newest entry on the National Register of Historic Places.

It also has the potential to become the first entry in what would be Fort Sill's second historic district. The first was the area around the Old Post Quadrangle, designated the Fort Sill National Historic Landmark in 1963.

"Henry Post Airfield and (the) Balloon/Blimp Hangar are part of Fort Sill's aviation legacy," Fort Sill Director of Museum Services Frank Siltman said. "The 1st Aero Squadron was activated here at Fort Sill in 1915, and with the beginning of World War I, Henry Post Airfield was activated and became an active part of Fort Sill's mission. During World War I and World War II, training for aerial observation from aircraft and balloons was an integral part of Fort Sill's mission."


  Lockheed Martin’s airship needs no airport to deliver hundreds of tonnes in Africa   20 February 2016

A novel concept to end Africa’s logistics deficit is being proposed by the US defence company Lockheed Martin, which intends to use airships to deliver payloads of hundreds of tonnes into the interior.

Under the slogan “No Roads, No Problem”, the Hybrid Airships division of the group is building an airship that will pick up and deliver cargo where no formal airports exist.

“It will land on water, sand, a field, even ice,” said Rob Binns, the chief executive of Hybrid Airships. The prototype had already proven itself in Alaska, in the wildest of conditions.

Mr Binns was speaking on the sidelines at the African Mining Indaba, where the company hoped to draw interest from mining companies that were struggling with logistics difficulties across the rugged continent. Oil and gas companies were also being approached. “This is a dedicated cargo carrier, so it’s built with moving material and equipment in mind,” Mr Binns says.

The first airship will be completed in 2018 and plans are underway for a 90 tonne-lift model, which would have similar lifting capacity to a cargo-configured Boeing 747. Eventually, a 500 tonne-lift model will be built, which would put it in the same category as an average cargo ship.


  Skylarking in Australia's only blimp      19 February 2016

Have you seen a blimp over your city? That's the one! The Legend Blimp the only airship of its sort in the southern hemisphere, and Ann Jones recently went for a spin.


  New Goodyear blimp to soar over Daytona 500 for 1st time    15 February 2016.

  Chronicle Covers: When the USS Macon airship crashed into the sea 
  13 February 20

Pulitzer Prize winner Royce Brier wrote those words on The Chronicle’s front page on Feb. 13, 1935, after the USS Macon, a famed Navy airship nearly 800 feet long, fell into the sea off the Big Sur coast.An explosion had occurred on board and an SOS was sent out: “Falling,” the warning said. Then, “wait.” A splash-down soon was seen 100 miles from San Francisco.


  Goodyear blimp pilot flies over Bay Area for Super Bowl       5 February 2016.

The newest addition to the Goodyear blimp fleet, Wingfoot One, flies Monday over New Smyrna Beach. The 246-foot-long airship will provide the aerial views for the broadcast of Sunday's Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway.



  Janvier 2016                       January 2016

   China Chooses Solar Power for Airship in Near Space    5 January 2016.

The helium-filled airship has been positioned near the top of the Earth’s atmosphere. It took no fuel to ascend that high into near space. The sun powers it into position after an initial helium bounce with solar panels along the top surface of the 250-foot long airship.

The  airship is a prototype to test an airship that will be able to stay aloft for up to 6 months, powered with solar panels integrated into its soft covering. The Yuanmeng was tested above Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, according to People’s Daily Online, an official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party.



  Les Français repris par la follie du dirigeable    21 Janvier 2016.



The world’s largest aircraft is on track for it’s maiden flight over Bedfordshire as more equipment is reattached to the helium- filled hull.

Hybrid Air Vehicle’s Airlander, housed in Shed 1 at Cardington, is being prepared to have its engines, fins and mission module attached this month.
The team have also got its state-of-the-art flight simulator up and running and invited TV presenter Frankie Vu, from CBBC’s Technobabble show, to undertake the first “flight” with in-house test pilot Dave Burns.

Read more: http://www.bedfordtoday.co.uk/news/business/business-news/airship-team-attach-flying-gear-in-preparation-for-take-off-1-7143445#ixzz42uD0l0KD















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